A True Soccer Mom

by Mark Thrice 10. June 2011 05:37

My wife is a true proponent of "getting involved". She believes that it is important to be physically active and she encourages our kids via threats to their persons to sign up for every sport going.

Myself, I am a supporter of the "take it easy" camp. When I come home from work, she wants the family to gobble up supper, ("chew if you have to" is her motto) and rush out to the 'sport du jour' while I want to take it easy. She would like to fill our wintery Saturday mornings with 2 hours of hockey (90 minutes to put the gear on, 30 minutes to play), I want to take it easy. She would like to pay $125 for my son to 'try out' the track team, I really want to take it easy.

Last week we got an email from Ben's soccer coach, saying: "Help!". Turns out she had larynigitis and couldn't direct the team like she wanted. My wife started the conversation with her famous: "How would you feel..." questions.

My Wife: "How would you feel about helping to coach Ben's soccer team?"

Me (not wanting to make her mad right away): "Umm."

My Wife: "His coach has laryngitis and I thought maybe we should help out, I mean, it IS Ben's team after all and we can't just expect her to coach all by herself."

Me: "I thought that was why I paid my sixty bucks--she takes a kid off of my hands once a week and I won't have to coach."

My Wife: "Like an insurance policy."


My Wife: "Nice try. I told her we would help every single week."

Me: "Take it easy!"

Now I do have to admit that there are many times I can learn something from her, especially when I originally dig my heels in. Tonight as I watched my wife on the field, I learned how to "get involved".

I admired how she "got involved" during the game and stole the ball from an eight year old on the opposing side. I respected how she threaded her way through eighteen other children, faked out the other eight year old goalie and scored a goal for Ben's team.

If I had known that was allowed, I would have gotten involved years ago.


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